Re: Problems with OneDrive replication

Mike Tate


Firstly, you don’t need a separate PC copy of those OneDrive files.

The files in the OneDrive folder are local to your PC and available when no Internet connection.

(There are ways to only keep files in the OneDrive cloud, but I don’t think you are using that mode.)


Snapshot files are explained in the FH Help and are auto-backup copies of the GEDCOM file.

There should typically be 8 of them dating back over the last few days or weeks.


Only the files with a -Chillblast… suffix are duplicates.

I think they arise when the original file is in use by another program when OneDrive wants to synchronise changes.

So the question is what other program might be using and thus locking your files.

Maybe an anti-virus package or a scheduled backup program.


As a matter of interest how do you manage the copying of your FH PC files to and from the OneDrive folder?


Regards, Mike Tate


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Sent: 19 February 2020 17:22
Subject: [family-historian] Problems with OneDrive replication


A few months ago I decided to move the Family Historian Project files on my desktop PC (A Chillblast running Windows 10)  to OneDrive so that I could also see and work on them on my laptop (Windows 10). I elected to also keep a copy of the files on both the PC and laptop so that I could use them even if the internet was down. The move appeared to go well but the replication seemed to come to a halt although we have a reasonably fast internet connection (30 Mbps). When I looked at the files, the problem may have to do with the creation by OneDrive of multiple copies of the Projects (accompanied by a message like, "We couldn't update/replicate your file so we have made a new copy of it"). Also there seem to be many copies of the FindMyPast and MyHeritage Hints as well as many copies of Snapshots whatever they are.
The following five snips of the file structure on my desktop illustrate the problem.

A) The Projects File.  The "copy Feb 2020" is a copy I made to update my Guild of One-name Studies website.

B) The Bradburn One-name Study File, showing the two extra copies created by OneDrive; -Chillblast and -Chillblast-2.

C) The One-name Study.fh_data file showing again the two extra complete copies which were automatically created.

D1) The cache data showing multiple copies of the FMP and MyHeritage hints. These hints presumably change each day and confuse the replication process.

D2) The Snapshot data which has now grown to 17 files each of 5MB.

Can anyone tell me how I can stop the production by OneDrive of more duplicates (especially the duplicates of the main GEDCOM file)  and then which of the many files is it safe to delete?

Thanks for any help, John Bradburn.

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