Re: Birth Date without Source - is there a quick way to update them

Victor Markham

Q1 is January quarter, Q2 April, Q3 June and Q4 September

I record details as year Jan (or April, June, Sept) followed by registration district and Volume number and finaly page number

e,g Jan 1936 XXX RD Vol XX Page xxx that way you will know thew reference number if you wish to order a certificate from GRO. Local Registratiion office have a different reference and these can be obtained via UK BMD. The local registration office certificate is a copy of the exact certificate. The GRO certificates are extracts from the original and copied into a coloured frame red for birth, green for marriage and black for death.


On 24/10/2020 8:45 pm, ancestry via wrote:
Hi everyone,

Many moons ago when I started researching my family history, I entered a great many records with a birth date of "Q1 1936" or similar, I failed to record a source.
For instance, now, if I was entering one I would put "Q1 1936" then add the source "GRO - Birth Reference"

I have several hundreds like this, my question is "is there a plugin or easy way to add the above source to each entry I have?

I know how to query the records to find them, I would just like to know if there is a method to add a source as above without having to do them one at a time 

I will also have to do this with deaths etc too 

Thanks for reading,


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