Re: Box deletion

Mike Tate

Hi Mike,

‘Diagrams’ are only transient working trees. Any rearrangement of boxes is lost when closed.

To preserve settings there are two techniques.

  1. Diagram > Save Diagram As > Custom Diagram Type
    This saves Diagram > Options settings such as chosen Text Scheme, Boxes tab Conditions, etc.
    However, this does NOT save repositioning or hiding of boxes, nor who is the current tree root, or any inserted items.

See View > Custom Diagram Types

  1. Diagram > Save Diagram As > Family Historian Chart
    This saves everything, including hidden boxes, tree root person, etc, etc.
    However, database changes such as new facts or new relatives will be added to the tree.
    See View > Saved Charts


Nevertheless, you say you “made a mistake” that you were trying to correct by deleting boxes.

Selecting a box and choosing ‘Delete’ offers to delete diagram items only or the underlying Project data records.

If the mistake exists in the Project database, then that second option is the one you need.

i.e. You really want to remove that person from your Project database permanently.

But maybe you only want to disconnect them from the tree as a relative at their current location.


So it all depends on what sort of mistake you are trying to correct.

If you could give a clearer explanation of the problem we can explain the best corrective solution.

Regards, Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of Mike Hann
Sent: 24 October 2020 12:58
Subject: [family-historian] Box deletion


I am trying to delete some boxes from my “all relatives diagram”.  I made a mistake. 


When I highlight the box, go to edit, then delete. I see two options, the first says “delete selected diagram items only”.  So I click this.  Then I get “caution, for the purposes of deletion a tree counts as a single diagram...” So I assume it would delete the lot??


The advice given is to hide individual boxes. but when I do this they reappear next time I open up the file. 


Any suggestions?





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