Re: Curved lines on Diagrams

Lorna Craig

Sorry to disagree with Mike, but multiple relationships can appear in any standard diagram type.   The questioner (pc45family) says "when I create ancestor trees or descendant trees the lines do not appear" but it depends who the diagram root is.

If the couple have a common ancestor in your mother's and father's branches then the duplicate couple will certainly appear in the All Relatives diagram with you as the diagram root, along with duplicate descendants of that couple.  But the duplicate couple (without their descendants) will also appear in  an Ancestors diagram with you as the root.  And they and their duplicate descendants will also appear in a Descendants diagram where the diagram root is the common ancestor of them all. 

The simplest way to tidy up the diagram is to keep the ribbons linking the duplicate couple themselves (to make it clear what the relationships are) but to hide one duplicated set of their descendants by clicking on the expansion button below one of the occurrences of the couple.


On 21/10/2020 22:38, Mike Tate wrote:

Yes, coloured ribbons only appear on All Relatives Diagrams because multiple relationships cannot appear in other diagrams.


The couple must have a common ancestor in both your mother’s and father’s ancestors

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