Re: Curved lines on Diagrams

Mike Tate

Yes, coloured ribbons only appear on All Relatives Diagrams because multiple relationships cannot appear in other diagrams.


The couple must have a common ancestor in both your mother’s and father’s ancestors.

If that is false, then you must find the erroneous relationship and correct it.

If that is true, then the ribbons are valid. The impact can be reduced by hiding duplicated branches.

The ribbons can be hidden in Diagram > Options > General tab and untick ‘Check for duplicates’.


Mike Tate


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Sent: 21 October 2020 19:19
Subject: [family-historian] Curved lines on Diagrams


I have tried to confirm that the curved lines that appear below, and between a married couple, on the 'all ancestors tree' are valid connections and not an error. I appear to have the same couple appearing on my mothers ancestors and my fathers ancestors. When I create ancestor trees or descendants trees the lines do not appear. Can anyone help me please?

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