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Neil Grantham

Are your Windows 10 colour schemes the same?

I am wondering if FH picks up elements of the Windows colour scheme?

EG, right click on the Desktop, select Personalise then Colours. Have you picked an accent colour or is the Automatic option selected?

It might be irrelevant, but all I can think of.

Best Wishes


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I just bought a new laptop. I have installed Family Historian on the new laptop. I manually transferred my custom data files, and screen preferences. The only set-up issue I have is with the general color scheme.

I have used Family Historian for years, and do not remember customizing any of the colors. My old installation is in blue tones, and the new installation is a combination of beige, grey, green and blue. I compared both computers, using tool preferences the colors for focus window and records window, and both old and new laptops have the same color numbers. But the new installation has various colors associated with the identical color numbers. Using file/export, I then exported the color scheme from the old computer and imported the color scheme on the new computer. The colors on the new computer remained the same. Any suggestions on how I can have the blue color scheme back?

Thank you for your assistance. Susan

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