Re: Internet data matches

Mike Tate

So all is working well now.


I cannot explain why the ‘External Web Browser’ option did not work earlier.

Possibly Windows had no default browser defined.


Mike Tate


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Sent: 19 October 2020 20:27
Subject: Re: [family-historian] Internet data matches


I searched for "internet data matches" rather than "cookies", which might explain why I didn't find the conversation you mention.  That said, I had previously seen that discussion but, as it was a couple of weeks ago, I didn't recall either the issue or the resolution.

When I asked the question, if I clicked on the flag indicating the number of matches against an individual's name, I was given the usual option of displaying either the FMP matches or the MH matches.  Regardless of whether I set the Location to Display option to "Web Search Window" or "External Browser", the matches came up in the web search window for both FMP and MH.  I tried closing FH after each time I changed the setting and checking it again after reopening, to make sure the chosen setting was still showing, but no matter which option was showing in the Location to Display field, the results came up in the web search window.

Moving on a step, with the matches displayed in the web search window (because I couldn't get them to display in the external browser)...

For FMP, clicking on one of the matches opened the record in the web search window.

However, for MH, as soon as I clicked on a match I was told to log in, but on trying to log in I was told that cookies had to be enabled.

So there were two problems.  Firstly, the Location to Display option wasn't following the instruction to show the matches in my external browser, and secondly, I couldn't access the MH records because of the cookies issue.

Having followed the solution offered earlier, the data match function for both FMP and MH now behave as they should.  If I choose the "Web Search Window" option, the matches are displayed and open in that window.  If I select "External Browser" they are displayed and open in Edge.

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