Re: Including photos in a gedcom backup on an external device

Mike Tate

Hi Ineke,

You are quite right about keeping backups and using an external device is crucial.

If the backups are on the same device as the Project then they are of limited benefit.

If the device or the PC fail then probably both the backup and the Project will be lost.


In your original posting you say it is a small Family Tree so it won’t be a large Diagram.

It is quite likely to fit onto one A4 page which can easily be produced for your own printer.

Another option is to save the Diagram as a PDF file that can be viewed on any device (PC, iPad, tablet) or sent as an Email attachment or sent to a professional print company.


Mike Tate


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Hi Mike


Thanks again for your reply.  I am beginning to understand a little more about the software and will check out your recommendations and the FHUG for further help.


My aim is just to send the final Tree to a printer for printing and to know what format I need to use to send it electronically. 


The backup question arose as we are always being told to make sure we back up any work and as my laptop is quite old I was just being cautious in wanting it backed up on an external device!


Kind regards 




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