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Mike Tate

Hi Neill,

FH only offers the embed option to be compatible with the GEDCOM 5.5 specification.

Nowadays, no products use that feature and always have media files separate from the GEDCOM file.


Online trees such as at Ancestry, FindMyPast, MyHeritage, ZoomPast, etc, do not allow bulk uploading or downloading of files linked to a GEDCOM file.

There are workarounds in some cases as explained in the FHUG Knowledge Base.


For importing downloads from other products see Importing to Family Historian:


For exporting from FH to other products see the Export Gedcom File Plugin:

Review its Output Formats for products that interest you:


You will discover that each product has its own interpretation of GEDCOM with its own variants.

The above guides explain how to cope with those variations.

The core features of GEDCOM are usually OK but some details leave something to be desired.


Mike Tate


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Subject: Re: [family-historian] Alternative Ancestors


Hi Mike,


Brilliant thank you


While you are on

Do you know why FH software gives the option to embed photos/documents in to a Gedcom file for export but online sites will not accept the imported file

They appear to only accept Gedcom file where the photo/documents are links.

Also I cannot see any Photo’s after the Gedcom file has been uploaded using the link option

Any help would be greatly appreciated





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