Re: Places or media page possible?

Mike Tate

Hi Mark,

I guess it depends on what you mean by “is it possible”?

Yes, it is possible, but it is not a feature built into the FH Publish > Create a Website wizard.

You would have to write a Plugin to compose the HTML pages and merge them into the FH generated pages.


The ‘Improve Website or CD DVD HTML’ plugin performs similar tricks adjusting the FH generated pages.


See the FHUG Knowledge Base on Make a Family Tree CD/DVD or Website for ideas:


Regards, Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of Mark Lewis
Sent: 07 October 2020 10:38
Subject: [family-historian] Places or media page possible?


Hello, I've been 'testing' the output to HTML for a site

I wondered if it was possible to have a 'places' page as well as individuals.
I'm trying to focus on places as a kind of framework for looking into the family.

The statistics page knows how many media there are, but is it possible to have a media page?



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