Re: User Defined Fields In Custom Fact

Mike Tate

Hi Chris,

No, it is not possible to create custom user-defined fields in any type of fact.

The FHUG Knowledge Base it explains all about ‘Custom Fact Fields’ at:


However, in the case of the ‘1939 UK Register’ it should really be handled the same as a Census event.

The Date of Birth, Condition and Occupation should be recorded in the Source Citation just like a Census.

Then separate Birth and Occupation and Census facts should invoke that Source Citation.


It is also advisable to use the standard Census event for the ‘1939 UK Register’ as it is virtually the 1941 Census with a few tweaks.

The FHGU Knowledge Base explains all about ‘Family Historian Census Event for UK 1939 Register’ at:

That includes adjusting the narrative sentence so it says ‘1939 register’ instead of ‘census’.


There are many benefits in using the Census event instead of a custom fact as explained above.


If anything is not clear after reading those articles then please ask again.


Regards, Mike Tate


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Is it possible to create user defined fields in a Custom Fact rather than just ticking some or all of the 5 fields required? As an example, I have created a custom fact for the 1939 UK Register and would like to have fields for Date of Birth, Condition and Occupation rather than having them in the NOTES field. If this is possible is it also possible to add fields to a Standard Fact?

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