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Mike Tate

Welcome Sue,

Yes, the general rule is that migrating GEDCOM to & from online trees such as FindMyPast does NOT include the Media.

Also, the ‘hints’ do not add anything automatically even if you Review and Accept them.

As a newcomer, I would strongly recommend you spend time discovering how Family Historian works.

Start with the Help guides and tutorials, etc.

Please join the FHUG website at which is free and has a Knowledge Base of guides.

They include specific advice for importing and handling media, plus lots more…

The Forums allow screenshots that can be very helpful.


Regards, Mike Tate


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Subject: [family-historian] Media Links


I am new to Family Historian and have imported my tree from Find My Past.  None of the links in the 'media' tab work for any of the members of my tree, I have tried adding them again as new documents (which came up in the hints) but they still don't work - any ideas please.
Thanks in advance, Sue

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