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Victor Markham

In addition just make sure all the place names are inputted the same way otherwise you will end up with a number of places even though they are all the same. If this happens not to worry you can merge them all and choose the correct one. An example is place name, county, country against place name, county. The country name is omitted this will end up with two separate place names. Just remember to include the county names (for UK) as there are similar place names in different counties

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Hi Mark,


Family Historian has many ways to answer those kinds of questions and is used by many Place Name Study users.



Use the View > Record Links method as suggested by Helen.


First use the Tools > Work with Data > Places command.

Select the place name interested in and click the ‘Where Used…’ button on the right to list all records using that place.


Alternatively, select as many place names as you like and click the ‘View in Map’ button to obtain a plotted Map view.

Click on each ‘pin’ on the map to obtain a list of all facts for people that occurred there.


You can also write Queries to produce custom reports of who lived where.


Not available in the trial version of FH, but there is also a plugin to list the fact details of as many Place names as you choose to select.


Regards, Mike Tate


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I like the look of the family historian software, just trying to find the right one for me.

However, the seems to be one major failing for me

I want to base my research on the locations in my family

The places list does not allow you to link back directly to the people

It shows the number of links but not the people link to that place

Is there any way around this?





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