Re: How to deal with an engagement when the couple never marry

Linda Reinfeld

Great new info - the Add Miscellaneous right click in the All tab. However I can only get that info to print using Publish/record detail reports/record details - individuals. I can’t get it to print on individual narrative report. 

Linda Reinfeld

On Feb 14, 2020, at 11:50 AM, "uhkh3tsccmz9@..." <uhkh3tsccmz9@...> wrote:

You need to explore the wonders of the "All" tab on the properties box.

In the All Tab, right click on the Name, select Add Miscellaneous and then select Associated Person. This creates a link to the Associated Person who has to be a person in the main file and not just a name (you have the option to create a new individual record). Once Associated you can add the relationship detail in the next field down in the All Tab under Associated Person.

Note, that if in the all tab you click on the name of the associate you get taken to their property box; there you will observe that the association is "one-way". If necessary you have to create an associated person back the other way.

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