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Maureen Mitchell <wheatroyd@...>

HI john, 

I had this problem a little while ago and found this on the FH website.   It's easy and works very well:

  • Select the Source in the main Records Window under the Sources
  • Open up the View menu and select Record Links….
  • The Record Links Dialogue will appear showing all individuals with Citations linked to this source.
  • By selecting one Individual in the Record Links dialogue it is possible to go straight to the properties for that individual by clicking on the Go To button.

Hope this helps

Maureen Mitchell

On 23 September 2020 at 07:53 "johnfirr via" <johnfirr@...> wrote:

I am in the process of doing a long and laborious tidy up of my FH data as over the years I have managed to adopt several different naming styles for sources and I now have a system I am really happy with so I am trying to get everything in the same format.

I have a problem in that some of my earliest entries were very sloppy so I have for example a source in the records window merely titled "general internet search" ( I,m sure we have all done it !!). Now that source is shown as being used as a citation ten times. Problem I have is I cant work out how I find the ten individuals that the citations relate to?

I,m guessing that as usual I have missed something obvious but is there an easy way to find where a source has been used directly from the records window ( or is there a query etc?)

Thanks in anticipation of the help I always receive.

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