Re: How to deal with an engagement when the couple never marry

Adrian Bruce

Because it's so obscure, Associated Person isn't in the normal user
interface. You have to bring up the property box for the individual,
click the All tab, right click the person's name (i.e. the top of
their tree of data) then choose Add Miscellaneous / Add Associated
Person and then add a link to an existing person or create a new one
with a link. (So this isn't an event or attribute as such)

There are several really obscure GEDCOM items that can only be added
in this way - via the All Tab. I actually added a new / custom tab to
the Individual's property box specifically devoted to Associated
person and a couple of other odd items. NB - adding the association
link from A to B doesn't add a link from B to A. Might seem a pain but
there are cases where the naming on the link is different depending on
the direction.


On Fri, 14 Feb 2020 at 16:10, simon pugh <> wrote:

That sounds good, but I am don't know how to find the associated person fact. It doesn't seem to be in the list of facts, would that be because I am using the trial version at the moment.

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