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Jenny Cochrane

As the current version of FH doesn't support word processing (I believe this is changing for V7) if I have large or complex notes I create them as Word documents and then attach them as media to the relevant records. It means you have to open the document to view it, but I've found it the easiest way for long, generic notes.


On Friday, 18 September 2020, 14:24:52 BST, Lorna Craig via <l.m.craig@...> wrote:

Yes, you can use a Note Record (otherwise known as a Shared Note).   In the Records window you will see a tab for Notes (i.e. Note Records).  A new note record can be created either by using Add > Shared Note  or from the Notes tab of a Property Box , using Add Note > Link to Note Record, where you then have a choice of selecting an existing note record or creating a new one.

Once you have created the Note Record you can link it to anyone for whom it is relevant, from the Notes tab of their Property Box.


On 18/09/2020 12:49, Bill Metcalf wrote:


I have a further question:


I am in the process of consolidating all my research into FH: I have transcribed all the individual records and notes (such as I have) on individuals but I also have more generic notes e.g. a historical view of the Metcalf(e) clan and a high-level summary of my branch of that clan – in essence, introductions to the detail.


Is there any way of adding such generic notes?



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