Re: Standard Diagrams - All Descendants

Lorna Craig

Yes, you can use a Note Record (otherwise known as a Shared Note).   In the Records window you will see a tab for Notes (i.e. Note Records).  A new note record can be created either by using Add > Shared Note  or from the Notes tab of a Property Box , using Add Note > Link to Note Record, where you then have a choice of selecting an existing note record or creating a new one.

Once you have created the Note Record you can link it to anyone for whom it is relevant, from the Notes tab of their Property Box.


On 18/09/2020 12:49, Bill Metcalf wrote:


I have a further question:


I am in the process of consolidating all my research into FH: I have transcribed all the individual records and notes (such as I have) on individuals but I also have more generic notes e.g. a historical view of the Metcalf(e) clan and a high-level summary of my branch of that clan – in essence, introductions to the detail.


Is there any way of adding such generic notes?



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