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Bill Metcalf



I attach the source of my frustration:


Joanna Leuty married twice – to George Metcalf (192) and John Hanson (498).


I have done as you suggested and inserted John H + Johanna Louise as a couple plus their Descendants.


I now want to join them properly (as married) and also to adjust the layout so that it looks sensible e.g. with m1 & m2 (with dates) for Joanna and also to move Luke George a bit to the right so that I can overlay the two Joanna boxes.


I feel sure that this can be done (and thank you for getting me this far) but I have fallen at the last hurdle!


So, if you can help, I would be most grateful.


Many thanks.




P.S. It would also be nice to respect the generational colour scheme but I can live without that!


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Which people are duplicated?  Apart from the 'wife', who will have a box in each tree, and for whom you will need to position one box over the other, it should be possible to hide any other duplicated boxes.   Or are these duplicates elsewhere in the diagram, and nothing to do with the inserted tree?

What order do you need the spouses to appear in?

If you can't sort it out, send a message here again and I'll contact you direct.


On 16/09/2020 16:17, Bill Metcalf wrote:


The merging, moving and hiding are OK but I still get duplicates and need to reverse the horizontal order of spouses but without compromising the whole diagram.


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