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Neil Grantham

Great isn't it.
The large print option I picked up a few weeks ago from this list, and was just what I needed for a cousin who wanted to see all the descendants of our mutual grandfather

Best Wishes,


On Wednesday, 16 September 2020, 14:54:11 BST, Julia Vokes <julia.vokes7@...> wrote:

This thread illustrates why FH is such a brilliant program.  Today I’ve learnt two things, so far, how to print very large trees and how to use a family record as the root

Thanks everyone 😀

On 16 Sep 2020, at 14:49, Lorna Craig via <l.m.craig@...> wrote:

There is guidance on printing large diagrams as a single page PDF in the FHUG Knowledge Base here:

As you will see from the second paragraph, the maximum PDF page size supported by this method is 128" x 128".  So your 6 ft (72 ") chart should be fine. You can do it all using the inbuilt PDF printer in FH.


On 16/09/2020 14:34, Bill Metcalf wrote:

Thanks everybody for the information.


In return, I’m wondering if the following might be of help:


I have a very ‘wide’ tree with 13 generations and nearly 500 entries which is difficult to print. To deal with this, the system I have devised is to –


            Install a new PDF printer (Bullzip – Free . . totally easy!)


               Print to a PDF file via Bullzip (Size A0)

                        This results in two pages Landscape (even at A0)

            Then use e.g. Adobe Illustrator to seamlessly join the two pages into one single page

            Take the result to a print shop that has a printer with continuous (roll) paper feed

            Print the result ~ 6 ft long (or scaled to size)


I hope this helps although I suspect that there are a variety of alternate approaches.


Bill Metcalf


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To clarify, strictly speaking, you are not actually choosing two Individual records but their joint Family record as the Diagram Root, so there still is only one root record.

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