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Bill Metcalf

Hi Lorna


Thank you for this advice.


Yes: you are quite correct – there was a missing ‘NOT’ . . . sort of important in the communication: embarrassment!


I’ll investigate further.




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Bill, you refer to “the second marriage of a wife who is a true descendant”.  But if she is a true (direct) descendant of the diagram root any descendant of her second marriage will also be direct descendants.  Did you mean to say she is NOT a true descendant, in other words she was the WIFE of a true descendant (her first husband)?


If that is the case a Descendants diagram whose root is one of her first husband’s ancestors won’t include her second family.  However it is possible to insert an extra diagram into the first.  Use Diagram Options > Insert into Diagram and insert a Descendants Tree whose root is this wife. Then in this extra diagram hide her descendants from her first marriage (if any) by clicking the expansion button above them, and hide her first husband (who already appears in the main diagram) by right clicking and selecting ‘Hide’.   By using the Movement Control Box (second icon from the right in the diagram toolbar) you should be able to move various elements of the main diagram so that you can position the inserted tree next to the ‘wife’, ideally overlapping her boxes from the two diagrams.  Unless you are used to manipulating diagrams this might seem difficult, but it can be done.


Another approach would be to create an All Relatives diagram with the ‘wife’ and her first husband as joint diagram roots.  (Select them BOTH in the records list or in the existing diagram, then click the All Relatives icon.)  This diagram will include all descendants from both marriages of the wife.  However it will also include any other ancestral branches for either of them, in addition to the particular branch descended from the ancestor who was the root of the original Descendants diagram.  You could then hide these unwanted ancestral branches by clicking on the relevant expansion buttons.




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Subject: [family-historian] Standard Diagrams - All Descendants


Is there any way to force (or cheat) the 'All Descendants' chart to include the second marriage of a wife who is a true descendant? My interest is in the descendants of the second marriage who are not true descendants but, nevertheless of family interest.


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