Re: List of a specific Christian name

Brian Horridge


Why not add an extra column in the main Records window for just the forename(s).  FH uses the words "Given Names" and there is a "Given" (just the first forename) and Given_All" (all forenames).  You can then simply sort the column by clicking on the column header.

You can also pick out the middle names by using "Middle" (often where family names are re-used in later generations).


On 13/09/2020 13:12, geoff@... wrote:
I want to find out where a specific Christian name crops-up in a project.  I can see them fairly easily within a specific surname group, but females can marry and pass-on specific family names with their new surname.  FH display a Name in one lump, but I note when I'm creating a new one, it seems to that forward slashes are displayed momentarily.  Are the names held in a split-up format somewhere?
My objective is to find out when a long-used family name first came into use.
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