Re: How to deal with an engagement when the couple never marry

Part of the problem is that broken-engagement "couples" show as a "couple" in diagrams (albeit with the link line double dashed rather than double lined). Where people live together this is probably OK (mark as "Unmarried couple"), but where someone was jilted (or the engagement was mutually ended) it sometimes seems strange for the "couple" to appear as such in diagrams.

I suppose it depends whether you want the couple to show as a couple (especially if there are children) - in which case create a "spouse"* but mark them as "never married" - and add an engagement fact for the couple (if possible with from-to dates) to make clear the reason for the never married clear.

* I think many genealogy programs have historically tended to show anyone who shares couple facts as a "spouse".

The alternative is to create a custom fact for "Engagement (single)" where you add the temporary fiancé as a witness to the fact. The fiancé as a witness can be just a "name" or can be a link to someone else in the file.

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