Re: Fact Sentence Template truncated

Mike Tate

No Evelyn, Sentence Templates are nothing whatever to do with GEDCOM.

They are customisations entirely local to each product, and for FH are NOT saved in its GEDCOM data file.

Possibly, some products can understand each others Sentence Templates and read each others databases, but that does not involve GEDCOM.


The Export Gedcom File Plugin does include FH Sentence Templates in its GEDCOM file for use by GedSite, but that uses a special non-standard extension privately agreed between us.

Other products may do likewise. But that is all external to FH, and Graham’s problem is internal to FH.


Regards, Mike Tate


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Mike Is this a Gedcom limit? I think I came across the problem and limitation in a previous software I used.

Evelyn Wilcock

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Graham . . .

It seems that when saved each Fact Sentence Template is limited to 1,000 characters, so the Template gets truncated at the end.

That limitation should be reported to Calico Pie as soon as possible and they might fix it before Version 7 is released.


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