Sheena Harling

I opened my Project window recently to find that each of my projects had duplicated. I have several small projects that I have done for friends as well as my own family.  One title is the correct project and opens normally  but the other with the same name, has the name followed by the model of my laptop and can't be opened( or may be empty?) It mentions One Drive and says that the path is not valid.  I think the problem may be because I have unsubscribed from OneDrive as I found it difficult to use but had used it for a temporary back up for Projects. I also back up to memory sticks that I keep in different places. 
What I would like to know is- can I delete the one  with the laptop reference without deleting the genuine one?  I would also like to remove the small projects from the list in any case as I no longer need to keep them. Is it possible to do this?
Sheena Harling


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