Wanted: Family Historian Beta Testers for Version 7

Simon Orde

Family Historian 7 has been in beta testing for some time now.  The current beta testers are doing a great job and it's all going very well.  We now want to increase the numbers and extend our pool of beta testers.  So if you would be interested, please apply now by filling in the Family Historian 7 Beta Tester Application Form.  Please note that everyone who would like to take part needs to do this, even if you have taken part in previous beta testing programs.
Family Historian 7 will support language packs, for languages other than English.  We encourage anyone who would be interested in helping in the creation of language packs, to consider joining the beta program.
Thank you in advance to everyone who applies!  Beta testers play an invaluable role in helping us ensure that Family Historian is as good as it can be.
Simon Orde
Calico Pie

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