Re: Data matching privacy issue on MyHeritage

Adrian Bruce

On Wed, 19 Aug 2020 at 18:36, Pauline Parnell <paulinelparnell@...> wrote:
...  There is no point in taking a DNA test unless you are prepared to share. ...
Most matches will not bother to contact you if you don't have an online tree and many assume you won't answer if it's private...

Yes indeed, to both those bits that I clipped.  One of the really frustrating things is those who've taken an Ancestry test and done nothing for their tree. I *assume* that they've just done it for the ethnicity angle - to see if they really are descended from that Cherokee Princess?

Only slightly better are those with 8 (or whatever) people in their tree. Now, it might be that both have masses of paper documentation or trees on other sites. But I need to prioritise, so I work on what I see, and these come way down low.

If they have a private tree, again it's a question of priorities - Ancestry might tell me that their private tree includes a XXXX ancestor (say) but if I can't see if it's a XXXX from 1700s/1800s in the ZZZZ area, well, sorry, but I've got some that are clearer and so higher priority.

I messaged about 4 people in Ancestry who are descended from my 3G-GM's 2nd marriage - not one responded. Mutter, mutter.



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