Re: Data matching privacy issue on MyHeritage

Lorna Craig

The problem is that however careful you are with your own data you can't stop other people adding your personal information to their trees, if they happen to know it.  And whatever Ancestry and MyHeritage etc may say, they don't manage to control it.

It's true that Ancestry has an algorithm which is supposed to block details of living people, but it doesn't always work.  I have even found a case where I'm pretty sure Ancestry's own 'hints' were responsible for some dates of birth of living people being displayed in a tree.  The 'hint' had come up because the names of a couple (both deceased) were in a ship's passenger list.  But their three children (all still living) were also in the passenger list, which gave their full names and exact dates of birth.  Their names and dates had been added to a public tree, citing the passenger list as the source.  I reported it but they have still not been removed.


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