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John Hanson

The one thing to remember with all these online services is that unless you delete your data before you close you account it will stay there and so will you email address
Ancestry will certainly forward to the user any contact made even if the account has been closed whether you get a response or not will depend on the user

As I include my email address in all my contacts I have actually had someone who had closed there account actually reply, thank me for the correction and provide even more. So it can work

I only have the limited amount of information online

FMP has an interesting approach and in some ways even worse I think
You get a message to says that there is a match in someone elses tree and do you want to merge the information but there is no way the "Chat" with the person to exchange information.

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I agree with Derek Kain. Before putting my tree onto Ancestry I used the excellent tools in FH to make a copy with all people born less than 100 years ago stripped out. I also removed all my sources, so that only the bare bones went onto Ancestry. It enabled DNA matches to work.
However, I have still had people making erroneous matches and some very basic errors. I have also suffered from people not replying to messages asking them to rectify the mistake, but understand this is very common. Hence why I’m very cautious what I put onto websites and when I find information on other trees.


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