Re: share a tree

Mike Tate

The answer to this type of question depends fundamentally on two criteria.

  1. In FH are you using a Project or a free-standing GEDCOM?
  2. What genealogy product does the recipient have?


Saved FH Charts are only possible in a Project, and the recipient would need to have FH installed.


Publish > Make a Family Tree CD/DVD is only possible with a Project but the recipient only needs a browser.


If the recipient has some other genealogy product then the Export Gedcom File plugin is usually the best option.

But the charts available will depend on what is available with that other genealogy product.

If the target product is an online tree such as in Ancestry, FindMyPast, ZoomPast, etc, then the privacy of living individuals and document copyright are important issues.


What seems like a simple question has a great many connotations depending on those two criteria.


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