Re: Add GRO Source

Jane Taubman

Personally I don't attach media to GRO Indexes,  so the plugin is not designed to work with them, but that looks OK.  Although "Add GRO Source" I thought put everything in one line.

BTW To send emails to just email

On Thu, 13 Feb 2020 at 15:56, Tom Beckham <westbeckham@...> wrote:

Hello Jane, 

I tried to send this via the new group but no success, it registered as a zero file size and would not send.  I then sent as a private message but not sure this worked either. 

Thank you for your help reference the GRO Plug in. It worked first time after trying out your suggestion. One question for which I would appreciate a further comment before I use the plug in further. 

I hopefully enclose a bad screen shot of the source windows after the plug in was used. I could not attach an image in the normal way but had to resort to a camera snap of the screen.

All the data was from the plug in except the text from source which was manually input. Is this correct and also does the data look as it should?
Thanks again

Tom Beckham 

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