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David Gynes


You said: 'You should have got a small add media dialogue with a Copy File(s) to: drop-list set of options.'

As I said in my original email:  'When I started to upload them to the relevant person’s media records I did not get the usual message from FH asking if I wanted to copy it into the FH itself.'

I think my “usual message`’ is your  ‘small add media dialogue’, which I am used to seeing and acting on.

I have tried adding media to different records on both devices where I run FH.  I have tried to load screen shots and scans.  None has brought up the dialogue.

I have attached 2 screenshots of the Media list for two attempts I made this morning, one from a scan and the other a screenshot.  You will see that nearly all the other media associated with these two persons is stored in media\……. (except one rogue one that I uploaded from a backup copy in Dropbox which I need to delete).

I have tried it on both computers in case I messed up the settings when I moved FH from a Mac desktop running a virtual Windows machine to a Windows laptop (a process you kindly helped me achieve).   The other machine has been running FH happily for years and yet shows the same results.

I would welcome any further advice. For example, is there a way of changing the instruction which you suggested has reverted to the default, without actually getting that dialogue box to show?

Thanks again for your help.


David Gynes

On 30 Jul 2020, at 17:27, Mike Tate <post@...> wrote:

You should have got a small add media dialogue with a Copy File(s) to: drop-list set of options.

It may have defaulted to <Don’t copy – link only> so click on that and choose <Default Location within Project Folder> or one of the other options.

If you don’t want to delete those new entries and start again then try the following.

Use File Explorer to copy the media images from the USB stick to your Project’s internal Media folder, but do NOT change the filename.

Then in FH use Tools > External File Links and click the Auto Repair Links button.

Mike Tate

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