Re: Media items in FH

Victor Markham

If you prompt media you will get a message saying 'insert from file' this should open the file you have on your media stick

I haven't used media stick and normally insert things direct from the file on my computer


On 30/07/2020 4:18 pm, David Gynes via wrote:
I have downloaded some screenshots from online sources on to a memory stick, things like Baptism entries from PRs, .
When I started to upload them to the relevant person’s media records I did not get the usual message from FH asking if I wanted to copy it into the FH itself.
I now have files showing in 'Work with External Links’ listed under D: - D being the memory stick.

I still have the data on the memory stick so am happy to delete the files stored under D and start again, but, please, how do I put data from the memory stick into FH and not have it as an external link which is inaccesssible as soon as I disconnect the stick?

I have looked at the wiki and in the help section of working with external links, but can’ see where I’m going wrong.

Any hints appreciated.

David Gynes

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