Re: Creating your own website

Jane Taubman

After much prevarication I have had a go at using the FH 'create a website' tool and found it remarkably easy to use. I now want to produce a page which profiles particularly interesting family members with a written account of their life and photo's but I don't know how to proceed. Any ideas would be welcome. 
Are their links to FH users websites that illustrate what can be done?

You can see a variety of Websites from Family Historian users here

You can add any "manually" written pages to the table of contents page in the page wizard,   if you generate the site and then copy the index page to a new page you can use an editor like Blue Griffon to change the content.

Alternately you can add Individual narrative reports to the table of contents for the more interesting people.   Don't forget you can add notes to every fact and customise the sentences to give the automatic reports a better flow.

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