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Mike Tate

Hi Barbara,
That is an interesting idea, but unfortunately, the Timeline text in the Facts tab cannot be customised.

However, the Individual Timeline query can be modified to show almost anything you like.
In the FHUG Knowledge Base Download section there are several such examples.
See Timeline, Timeline Facts, etc.

The FHUG Knowledge Base also has lots of advice about customising FH, so I suggest you join up for free.

Another feature you may not be aware of involves the Map Window.
There you can plot the position of event places of multiple Individuals and then use the Time Slider to see how those positions migrate over time.

Regards, Mike Tate

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Sent: 30 July 2020 00:15
Subject: [family-historian] places in Show Timeline Facts

In the Property Box, Facts tab, with Show Timeline Facts on, I would like to see not just the dates and Facts but the place in which each Fact took place for other family members.

For example, instead of:

1865, Birth of son James Smith

I'd like to see:

1865, Birth of son James Smith in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Seeing the places in the timeline would help me visualize the migration patterns of the families.

Is there a way to achieve what I want within the Property Box? If not, would a modification of the Individual Timeline query do the trick? Are there any other options?

Thanks for any advice as I learn how to customize FH!


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