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I have been using FH since version 2 and have my one-name study mixed with my own family tree – after all it was my 4th times Great Grandmother that really got me hooked nearly 40 years ago. When I started on my wife’s family is started with a separate file and merged it after a while. The same with my brother-in-law – Mind I was in the USA at the time for their daughter’s wedding and felt it easier to do on its own but back home it got merged.


I am fortunate I suppose in that my ONS goes back to a single individual in 1690 and everyone with the name can be traced  back to him


I will shortly be moving my main ONS from TMG to FH (due to the demise of the former) and that has over 35,000 people and over 1,000 separate trees but I still find it manageable


So take the plunge merge them and work from there


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Thanks Mike,
Why do I need to seperate them? - is a very good question and I guess thats why I raised the issue.

I think there are two reasons and neither probably stands up!

1) I have used FH for quite a while but have dipped into and out of my genealogy at various points, probably only ever tinkering really, as such I just used FH "out of the box" using just the simplest box filling and linking tools. To this end I always got a bit panicky about the data getting too extensive for me to see what was going on because I didnt really know how to use the programme. Since lockdown I have become far more focussed and serious and have taken time to get to grips with FH ( although I still make silly mistakes - see earlier posts!) I have realised I dont need lots of extra spreadsheets, paper files etc the programme will cope with it all if I just knuckle down and learn to use it properly. To this end I am realising it doesnt matter if I have loads of records, the database knows where they all are and can find them!

2) I have two projects because one is my Family History and one is a one name study. Again not understanding the scope of FH properly I didnt originally feel it was suitable for collating a one name study, but following advice on here I jumped in and am finding it can do everything I need albeit its not so neat and tidy as there are lots of "unlinked" individuals at the moment.

So it really amounts to the fact that combining them probably makes sense and its just my slightly OCD approach to wanting everything neat, tidy and in boxes that has stopped me doing it.

PS discovered your "duplicates" plug in last night and think it will be the answer to a lot of my family reconstruction conundrums thanks.

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