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John Hanson


I all honesty I don’t think that what you are looking for you will find in a book
The book will help if you are starting out but I feel that the problem that you have is more of a one-off and those you will never find solutions for in a book
Let me give you an example
I wrote a book many years ago on the 1901 census when it was first released and was given unlimited access to it before release so that we could get it in time
I spent a great deal of time sorting out the question of why you might not find people and thought that I had covered everything possible

Three days after launch an old friend wrote and explained that they had another to add to the list – It was a one off that I had not thought of

So, the moral is, if the book had been written on family historian including trouble shooting I doubt that it would have covered your scenario

So FOLLOW Mike’s excellent description of how to get round it to the letter and you will be well on the way.

Having sorted the problem then is the time to get the book out and look at it otherwise it is only going to muddy the waters again


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thank you John, I do now have a copy of the book, and like you say it looks very daunting, I was hoping to use it as a troubleshooting guide, but I don't think that will be the case, but thanks again for the info 


Regards James


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Okay Mike, is this what you are looking for?, if not then I will give, sorry to have caused you so much trouble,


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thank you Trevor, that is worth looking into, 


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James, does your local family history society have a computer group? Does your local U3A have a family history group? Both options may offer one-to-one assistance in using Family Historian. Both will probably be meeting online at present. That is what is happening in my locality.


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