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John Hanson

There is normally a list on the Family Historian website in
However because of CV they have all been cancelled apart from the taster listed and that may not cover the area that you are in

Certainly the sessions that I run at the Society of Genealogists in London have all been cancelled and no signs yet of a schedule for 2021.


There are also a series of short videos at
that might be of benefit to some but I don’t think that they are going to help with your problem


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Thank you Victor, do you know when and where there might be a training session? I know it might be a bit awkward in these trying times, or is there anyone near to Lincolnshire that may be able to help? I don't mind if I have to travel, 


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There have been training courses for users so may be of benefit to you to attend the next one.

I find FH is great compared to others but I am not 100% familiar with it. However I get about fine and am happy

Just take one step at a time and persevere. Hopefully in the end you will like it as much as I do


On 24/07/2020 8:55 pm, james o'kelly wrote:

Thank you for your support Neil, I still can't where I am going wrong, but I will sort it I am sure, Mike has been a great help, 


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Keep battling on James,

I think FH is as complicated as you want. Out of the box I think it's pretty easy to use compared to some I've used in the past such as 'The Master Genealogist' (now defunct)


The baffling thing is, that you appear to have installed in a none standard way, whether that's consciously or not I don't know.

By default, if you just install via the Wizard, your projects would have all been in the standard place rather than on your desktop.


I know that Mike is trying his hardest to get this sorted for you.


Best Wishes,




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this is not a wind up, but I have come to the conclusion that Family Historian, is a very complicated programe, I am beginning to wish that I never wish that I had never purchased it in the first place, but I will follow mike's latest instructions and hopefully I will get it sorted, however long it takes, I will not post any more until I have it sorted, once again Mike, thank you for your patience and perseverance with me. 



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I must say I've been feeling the same thing.

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A casual observer would be forgiven for thinking that it's beginning to sound like a wind-up.

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