Re: =TextIf function not working properly?

Mike Tate



I am not aware of any length limit to Sentence Templates, and I have some quite long ones, especially where Fact Witness Roles are involved.


Users have discovered length limits for expressions in some other contexts, reported them to Calico Pie, and most have been rectified.


Regards, Mike Tate


From: <> On Behalf Of Graham Conner via Groups.Io
Sent: 11 February 2020 17:39
Subject: Re: [family-historian] =TextIf function not working properly?


Thanks Mike, that works!

What you said makes sense. I could not understand why the examples did not work, but as I was only deleting the data to test they would fail for me too. I thought thesolution would be something simple.  Brilliant I have lots of modifications I wanted to do and including the "In and at" modification that I had planned to do.  

Is there a limit to the length of command strings you can have in the Sentence Templates?  

Regards, Graham

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