Re: deleting files

Mike Tate

Thank you James, that confirms there are no Projects in the default Location to interfere with the following process.


First, you must change the Location back to your Desktop based Projects (which you must have done some time ago).

Click on My Documents\Family Historian Projects, select Choose Location… and browse to C:\Users\shay\Desktop\Shays Tree to reveal your Projects.


Now perform steps 1 - 5 shown in the screenshot below to copy all the projects to the default Location. (I have not shown all your projects in the screenshot)

1 Select the name of the project to be copied

2 Click the More Tasks… button

3 Select the Copy Project… option

4 Set Location for Copy: C:\Users\shay\Documents\Family Historian Projects

5 Click the Copy button (only continue if the folder exists)


When successfully copied, repeat those five steps for the next project until every project has been copied.


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