Re: Adding Titles to individuals

Mike Tate

Ok, I just wanted to check you were aware of all the options.
I don't think there is a limit to the number or size of the Diagram Boxes Expressions.

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The reason I sometimes prefer Icons is that with a large tree on screen (and with failing eyesight!!), it's easier to see at a glance which individuals have certain facts recorded for them. I do use coloured text to distinguish different facts in diagram boxes but there are only so many distinct colours available and I can never remember which fact has which colour.

When I started using Icons, I had to keep setting Flags but later versions of FH allowed Expressions (or when I learned how to use
Expressions!!) I generally find that's a better way (slightly smaller Gedcom files as Flag tags are no longer needed in the Gedcom file and the Icons appear automatically once the data has been entered).

At the moment (and for this specific local research project), I'm only recording Sir or Lady but, if needed, I'd simply create a different Icon and add the relevant expression. On that, is there any limit on how many Expressions one can use in Diagram - Boxes ?? (the most I have at the moment are 8 levels of priority).


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