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Brian Horridge


Thanks for the help / advice.

By playing around, I've managed to include different Icons on my diagrams dependant on whether they are a Sir or a Lady.

Again, many thanks


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RE: [family-historian] Adding Titles to individuals

Yes, using the Name – Prefix box, as well as the Title attribute, will work OK.

It all depends where you want thosePrefixtitles to appear onthescreen, in Reports, on Diagrams, etc.

Prefix does not appear in the Focus Window

Prefixcan be added to the Property Box Caption by using%INDI.NAME:ADORNED_FULL%

Prefix does appear in Reports by default.

Prefix does not appear in Diagrams by default but can easily be added to the Name by using%INDI.NAME:ADORNED_FULL%

Regards, Mike Tate

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Hello all

I'm doing some research into several local people that are either a Sir or Lady (Dame) and, as I'm creating mini-trees, I wondered how best to record their titles in FH.

The 2 options I can immediately see are to use "Name - Prefix" or the separate "Title" attribute.  I suppose the advantage of the latter is that I can add a date when they were awarded the honour but it's not immediately associated with what they are called.

I'm not worried (at this stage) about any "sentences" that FH would generate in reports as I just want to record the basic facts.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on best practice.

Many thanks


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