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Mike Tate

James, thank you for the screenshots. I am so glad I persevered to get them because the solution I was originally intending to give you does NOT work.

Firstly, those screenshots show that you do NOT have four PROJECTS, but just one PROJECT and three freestanding GEDCOM files.


That explains why those have NO Media files in the Project Data Folder because there is no PROJECT for those three.

They cannot be moved from C:\Users\shay\... to Media, because there is no Project Media folder, and that is because there is no PROJECT.


Even that one PROJECT is in an odd location and needs an in-depth review of its Media files.

It should be in the standard C:\Users\shay\Documents\Family Historian Projects\... location and not sitting on your Desktop in Shays Tree.

BTW: I know that C:\Users\shay\Documents\Family Historian Projects\... exists because it is listed in your Capture 3.PNG screenshot.


So there is a lot of corrective work to be done, but very different from what I expected ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I presume you would like all your databases to become Projects in the default Family Historian standard location?


To prove my point, run Family Historian, use File > Project Window and I suspect only ‘Kelly and O’Kelly Family’ will be listed.

The best way forward is to send me a screenshot of that Project Window listing your Family Historian Projects and the Location: below that list.



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Hi Mike, once again I must apologise for misunderstanding your instructions, I think I have now finally grasped what you require of me, I will attach the screen shots as you requested, I know the C:User is not shown on them (screenshots), but in each profile when I click media and then the right hand blue arrow, in the file box, most of them come up as C:User, thank you again for you patience and your help, it must be very frustrating for you, 

PS, the reason I have four projects (although related) is because I was not aware at the time how easy it is to separate them,  


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