Re: Changing font in reports

Karin Schuette Weiss

Mike -  Thanks for your help. This all sounded very good to me.  I do think I could live with both the
Address and Note fields having a different font and/or color.  They would still stand out.  But I want
to do it for only two Fact Types - Anecdote and Obituary. 

When I go to Report > Options > Format and look at the (top) Font section I do not find Subsection
Data.  The closest choice I see is Section Data.  And changing that changes the font/color of almost
the entire report.  Is it possible to just change the font/color for only two fact types?

Using Ver. 6.2.7.

Thank you,
Karin Weiss

On 7/17/2020 4:29 PM, Mike Tate wrote:

If you don’t mind the Address field, as well as the Note field, having a different font then yes that can be done.

With the Report displayed, use the Report > Options > Format tab.

In the Font section at the top select the Subsection Data entry and click the Edit button at the bottom.

There you can choose the Font, Style, Size, and Colour then click OK, and OK again.

Regards, Mike Tate

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I have many newspaper articles entered in my data as either Anecdote or Obituary Fact Types.  The body of the articles are entered in the Note field.  When I produce a report (such as an Individual Narrative), it would make them easier to read if the Note section could print a different font and /or color.  Is it possible to do that?

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