=TextIf function not working properly?

Graham Conner


I have been using Family Historian for some time and been using my own Sentence Templates without problems. As I use both Place and Address data with the administrative location in the Place and postal address in the Address field, I wanted to be able to display or print out the address if it has been entered and if not display or print the place.  This is what I am trying to use in the Sentence Template for the Birth as an example.


<para>{%CUR_PRIN.NAME[1]:FULL%} was born {date} <at {=TextIf(Exists(%FACT.ADDR%),TextPart(%FACT.ADDR%,1,5,Tidy),TextPart(%FACT.PLAC%,1,5, Tidy))} > <({age})>


The TextIf seems to be broken, or I am not using it correctly and I am not sure which.  The above results in the Address being displayed if it has been entered, which is correct,  but if there is no Address, then it does not print out the Place. I end up with just the Name and Date of Birth and then nothing else.


I have tried cut and pasting examples from the Help screens to see if something simple would work, but these do not work either.


I have Family Historian 6.2.7 installed on a PC running Windows 10 and all the latest updates. I have tried reinstalling FH, and tested it on another PC. I get the same results.


Best Regards,



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