Re: deleting files

Mike Tate

No, no, no, James, that is NOT what I asked for.

Some examples of just a few Media filenames do not provide the full details I need of all the Media filenames that you want to move.

Please, please, concentrate on what I am requesting below otherwise I will not be able to help you.


You have revealed not only that you have four Projects, but that the Media files are in many different folders:

C:\Users\shay\Pictures\ and C:\Users\shay\Downloads\ and C:\Users\shay\Music\ and maybe others too!

I need to know them all.


These are my instructions that you must follow closely or I will give up.

I need four screenshots of the Tools > External File Links window for all four Projects as explained below.


Open each Project in turn and run the Tools > External File Links command.

If necessary, drag the edges of the window so that all the C: - Users – shay - folders and filenames are shown in full.

I do NOT need to see all the Project Data Folder entries just all the C: - Users - shay - entries.

Take a Snipping Tool screenshot of each of those four windows, one per Project.

Similar to this:

            A screenshot of a cell phone

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