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Patrick Nicholson

Ignore my last message, package now received.


Patrick Nicholson


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Hi John,

Yes, you can create new sub folders and move the media files accordingly.   To mend the broken links you can then use Tools > External File Links and click the Auto Repair Links button. 

The FH Help file explains as follows:

"This button will prompt Family Historian to attempt to find missing media files and fix any 'broken' links. This can be a slow process, but a progress dialog is displayed so you can stop the search at any time if you wish. The search will begin with the current project folder, and ripple outwards from the current project, eventually including other fixed drives on your PC if necessary (and if there are any). The search will stop automatically when all missing files are found. As well as finding missing files, this function will also check if links to media files in the media subfolder of the project folder are setup as they should be, and will automatically fix the links if necessary."

I suggest you start by creating just one sub folder and moving a small number of files into it to test the procedure before you do the full reconstruction, to make sure it works as you want it to.


On 17/07/2020 16:29, johnfirr via wrote:

I have been happily loading various media directly into my project media folder over a period of time.
However it has now come to the point where I would like to tidy that folder up a bit by adding a simple series of subfolders for documents, people, places.
I see that media represents quite a big chunk of the forum traffic so it seems easy to go astray.

I understand that I can access the project media folder through file manager and create the new sub folders and move the media files accordingly. But what is the correct procedure to follow to avoid ending up with broken links etc?

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