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Lorna Craig

I don’t know how many times your general GRO source has been used, but I suggest you download and run the plugin called “List all Citations for a Source”.   In the Results Set you can double-click on each cell in the Items column to open the Property Box with the focus on the relevant fact.  You could change a few each day!




From: Alan Hourd
Sent: 07 February 2020 17:42
Subject: Re: [family-historian] Add GRO Source


Consistent?  In my dreams! I started using FH v. 2.0.7, or earlier - I still have the 2.0.7 CD. Much of my data came from FTM but included little in the way of sources. I don't think AS was around until some time after that and I seem to remember AS didn't handle BMDs initially.  Still, a lot of the information is there, even if the apparent sources are mixed up. It was just a thought.




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Is there a simple way to do that - or would I have to move details one by one from the bulk to separate sources?

You might be able to write a plugin to convert them if you have been consistent in entering the Where With in Source.





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