Re: lost photos/media

Lorna Craig

My Media Property box looked exactly like Neil's.  And presumably James's also looked like that, because he was able to find the Linked File box. 

Like Neil, I have never customised the Media Property Box (and I never use Keywords anyway, so I would certainly not have chosen to add the box for Keywords).   BUT I have just now used the Cog menu > Customize Data Entry > Installation Settings and it has changed to look like Mike's!   Weird.

On 09/07/2020 22:54, Neil Grantham via wrote:

Yes that's odd that they are different, especially as Lorna also said it's Linked File:

I see my post with the screenshot has now come through.

I note that if I go to the Cog>Customize Data Entry... it shows me in the right pane, exactly the fields that show on my Media Properties box.
Perhaps you've changed it at some point?
I've never customised anything like that - only just found that while trying to see why yours might be different!


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