Re: lost photos/media

Mike Tate

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There must be some strange difference between our FH V6.2.7 installations.

However I open my Media Property Box via Media tabs, Media Window, etc, and whether floating or docked and with various font sizes it always lists:


Date:               Keywords:

Format:           Custom Id:




Whereas yours puts Custom Id on a different line and omits Keywords as well saying Linked File.

Very odd.


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I tried to reply with a screenshot highlighting what a picture should say. My email didn't come through, perhaps because of the attached picture it's on hold?

Anyway, when I click the Blue arrow pointing to the right, next to the Cog icon (Go to Media record) the dialogue shows, top to bottom:


Date:  / Custom ID:


Linked File:



So in my Linked File: it says Media\<name of picture>.jpg etc.

I don't see 



I can only see File if I click the "All" Tab.




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